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I'm not sure if this is allowed, but we're looking for people to play Mythical Creatures over at this RPG!


It’s the collision of two very different worlds. The 21st century is about new technology, science, and mass communication. What in the world would we do with a mermaid?

The first mermaid has been caught and in the custody of the United States government, and she’s been sent to the top-secret Ausflucht Research Facility of the Ausflucht University in Germany. And the world's supernatural beings are not at all pleased.

Covertly, every kind of mythical creature is working together to infiltrate the school and research team unsuspected to return the mermaid to safety before her existence is publicized globally.

While the supernatural attempt to subvert the sudden human inquiry, people from all over the world come together to try to solve this genetic enigma. If they succeed, it can only mean disaster for every supernatural species on earth, but how far are the other willing to go to stop them?

And what kind of secrets is our darling mermaid keeping from both sides?

-An Original Character RolePlay-

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